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Yit Foh Coffee Factory Sdn Bhd – Established by Mr. Yong Loong Vun since 1960, Yit Foh is the oldest and one of the most famous coffee manufacturer in Sabah.

Yit Foh Coffee

Factory of Yit Foh was originally in Kampung Chinta Mata of Tenom, it produces coffee grounds in traditional way by roasting coffee bean over woodfire to bring out the true aroma of coffee. Since been inherited by Mr. Alex Yong (son of Mr. Yong Loong Vun), a new factory was built and started operation since 1993 and now is intend to expand the market globally.

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Yit Foh Coffee Factory Sdn Bhd is situated in a small town called Tenom, which is about 168km south of the capital city, Kota Kinanbalu. Just ask anyone in Tenom, they will easily be able to direct you to Yit Foh Coffee Factory.

factory’s café

Once inside the factory’s café area, you will be welcomed by the nostalgia that truly represents the company’s traditions – freshly roasted coffee in many forms of products line the shelves, providing coffee lovers with different flavours and convenience.

Come on into Yit Foh Coffee Factory and let the tradition of aromatic coffee soothe you thoroughly.

coffee sachets

Besides packages of coffee powder, Yit Foh also offers coffee sachets, such as Kopi-O (black coffee without sugar); Kopi-O 2 in 1 (black coffee with sugar); Café Latte 3 in 1 (coffee with sugar & creamer); Cafe Latte 2 in 1 (coffee with creamer only); White Coffee and Café Au Lait. At affordable prices, these convenient packages are the perfect gifts for visitors as well as souvenirs for their friends and families.

traditional flavour

Besides its unique aroma, Yit Foh’s coffee also has an authentically traditional flavour. This distinctiveness comes from its coffee beans which are roasted in traditional wood-fire drum technique. The aroma wafts in the air, making Tenom, home of Yit Foh Coffee, synonymous with excellent natural coffee.


Five decades since its establishment, Yit Foh Caffee Factory Sdn Bhd holds on its core value – to provide good and high quality coffee. There is a lot of hard work involved in keeping the traditional coffee flavour alive. With passion, Alex Yong, its current managing director, is persistent as his company continues to rebrand and expand toward foreign markets. From Tenom, Yit Foh Coffee Factory Sdn Bhd has ventured out to Sabah, Malaysia and now our neighbouring country Brunei Darussallam.

Yit Foh Coffee Yit Foh Coffee Yit Foh Coffee Yit Foh Coffee


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3 KM Jalan Tenom Sapong, Kg. Chinta Mata,

Tenom P. O. Box 184, 89908 Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia.




+6 087 735 657


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